Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Started

What is Secret Admirers?

Secret Admirers is a media offered to allow people to send and receive anonymous love notes.

Is Secret Admirers Free?

Secret Admirers is completely free, no strings attached.

Am I required to be a member of Secret Admirers to use the site?

No membership is required to use this site. As a matter of fact, there is no membership offered here. The main point is anonymity.

How do I know a message is to me and not someone else with my name?

You don't, and that's the fun of it all. The message could be to you, but if several people from your city have the same name, I'm afraid you'll just have to use your imagination.

Not only is it uncertain who the intended recipient is, but it's equally impossible to tell who it's from too. People can claim to be anyone.

Again, you'll just have to use your imagination.

Is there any way a person can find out a message is from me?

The simple answer is no, but there are exceptions. The exceptions are as followed:

  • If the message has anything to do with illegal activity which gets the police involved. Messages may be anonymous to the recipient but they're not completely anonymous to Secret Admirers. The IP address of every message sent is logged until said message is deleted.
  • If you say something yourself that gives you away.
  • Although highly unlikely, hacking is always a probability that can never be ruled out.

So in short, as long as you're doing what you're supposed to, it's not likely that anyone will find out who you are unless you want them to.

Secret Admirers has taken every step to protect your privacy, but assume no liability. Use at your own risk.

Writing An Anonymous Love Note

How do I submit content to Secret Admirers?

From 'HOME' select the 'Write' tab.

Once there, you may fill out a form which will ask the name of the person the message is to, general location, and of course, a field provided to key in the message.

What if the intended recipient's location is not listed?

Just do your best by choosing the nearest location listed. The location is approximate anyway.

Am I Able to Remove a Note If I Change My Mind?

Yes, from 'HOME' click on the 'Search' tab. Key in the name of the person you sent the message to. Once the result(s) come up, you will have the option to delete your message.

What may I write about?

You may write about whatever you wish. Just keep the message respectful, legal, and no personal information. Remember, although messages are anonymous, everything here IS public. If you write to John Smith, anyone who searches for John Smith's name will be able to read your anonymous message to him.

Click here for a list or pointers on how to be a good Secret Admirers person.. Also make sure you go over our TOS so there would be no misunderstandings.

Do you have any tips or advice on what to write about?

Of course! The main thing is to leave a message that come from the heart, but helpful resources are also provided. Check Secret Admirers 101, to read helpful suggestions. Make sure to follow our Blog and Facebook Page for additional tips and advice.

Why would I want to write someone anonymously?

The answer to your question must come from within.

Is it okay to copy and paste poetry and other such web material into my message?

Yes, BUT any writing that is not your own, should be cited.

Is there a daily submission limit?

No, but we suggest that every message be sincere. An anonymous love note should be special.

How long does it take for my message to post?

Your anonymous love note will be posted instantly.

Receiving Anonymous Love Notes

How do I check to see if someone has sent an anonymous message to my name?

From 'HOME' click on the 'Search' tab.

Once there, simply key in your name/location into the provided form and click the submit button.

What if someone has written something I don't approve of?

Simply delete the message or report any issues to Secret Admirers by clicking the 'Contact' link located at the bottom of the 'HOME' page.

Is it possible to send a reply to an anonymous love note?

Well the answer is yes and no. There is no provided option to send a direct reply to a love note, HOWEVER... you may write an anonymous note to yourself as a means of commenting.

The person who sent the message to your name may at some point, check to see if there are any other messages there.
They might also check to see if their message was delete, since that's one way to tell if someone has received it.

Is it possible to block someone's love notes?

No, but it's impossible to know the messages are to you anyway. Many people have the same exact name. Yes, even in the same city.

If they're posting personal information about you, delete it immediately and/or report the message to us by clicking on the 'Contact' link, located at the bottom of the page.

Is there a way to be notified if someone sends a love note to my name?

First of all, there's no way of knowing that the love note is to YOU personally. Many people have the same name, so therefore no notification email can be sent.

There IS however an option for the sender to have an email sent to you from Secret Admirers, letting you know that a message MAY be waiting. Keep in mind that this still does not absolutely guarantee that any particular message is to you personally.

What if I don't want love notes sent to my name?

Your name likely belongs to many people other than yourself. There's no way of determining who the love notes are for or even who they're from. This is true even if the sender identifies himself/herself.

How long will a message remain in the system?

Love notes remain in the system until someone deletes them. That 'someone' can be anyone.

Is it possible to save love notes?

The system offers no options to save special love notes.

If you would like to save a message, you could copy and paste it into a word processor, then save it to your own hard-drive.
Please note, that any message you wish to save, may or may NOT be specifically to you. Many people have the same name.

Using Chat Room

Is the chat room moderated?

No, however there is an ignore feature. This makes annoying people disappear.

Keep in mind, just because you can't see them, that doesn't necessarily mean they can't see you. People not even signed-in can read your chat.

Any illegal activity should be reported immediately. It goes against Secret Admirers policy to use this medium for illegal purposes.

How do you ignore someone in the chat room?

There are two ways to ignore someone in the chat room.

You can hover over their name listed to the right and then click on 'Ignore' or you can type the command '/i [NAME GOES HERE]'. Either method works equally well.

Is it possible to send someone a private message in the chat room?

Yes you can, it's called a 'Direct Message'.

The way to send a direct message is hover over the name of the person to whom you would like to message, then right click on 'Direct Message' or you can type the command '@[NAME GOES HERE]'. Either method works equally well.

Can I learn more about the chat room functions?

Yes you can, inside the chat room type in the command '/?' or '/help'.