Secret Admirers 101

Basic need to knows while using this site.

1) Remember, nothing you post is private! This is true even when you're writing to a specific person. Anyone can look up messages to that individual. Never say anything that you wouldn't want anyone to potentially hear.
2) Just because someone is writing to YOUR name, that doesn't necessarily mean they're writing to you. Many people in your area COULD have the same name as you. Always keep that in mind.
3) Remember, you don't always know who is writing to you. This site places emphasis on anonymity. Even if someone gives you their name and other personal information, you can't be sure they are who they claim to be. People do play jokes and you should be prepared for this possibility. Take every message with a grain of salt, this site is just for fun.
4) When selecting a location for writing or performing a search, if you can't find the location you're looking for, just pick the closest location listed. If you have any suggested locations not on the list, simply email us by clicking the Contact Us link located on the bottom of the Home page.
5) If you would like to write someone a love note as their secret admirer, click the Write tab. After clicking this tab, you will see a form. Fill out the form and submit your message. There is an option field for the recipient's email address. This email should be the email address of the person you're sending the message to, NOT yours! Their email address is used to notify them that someone has claimed to have left them an anonymous note. No worries, this email protects your anonymity, and the email is never stored by the system or used for SPAM.
6) If you would like to search for messages sent to a particular name, click the Search tab. Usually people enter their own name and location, but you may look up anyone. Remember, nothing is kept private.
7) The chat room is NOT moderated. If someone is bothering you, simply used the ignore feature to make them disappear. They will still be able to see what you're saying, but you won't be able to see their messages. Always remember that your messages in chat rooms is NEVER private. It's possible to read what you're saying even when not logged in. If you would like to become familiar with all the other special features of the chat room, use the command "/?" or "/help" (without the double quotes) when you're in the chat room. Also try clicking on people's names from the name list, to initiate a drop down list. This drop down will give you the option to send a direct message or ignore.